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Testimonials From Our Partners

             “ The Winston Collection has been a staple in our golf shop for years.  The products are well made and extremely
              customizable, but it is their customer service that sets them apart. They always deliver and are extraordinarily
              easy to work with.  Quick special orders. Great for events.  They are a true partner to Crystal Downs Country
              Club. I strongly recommend them for any golf shop.”

                    Matt Smith – Crystal Downs Country Club
                       Matt Smith – Cr ystal Do wns Countr y Club

             “ Winston is our go to company for so many needs. They continue to increase their selection of high quality
              products each year and always deliver when needed. I would highly recommend Winston to any club looking
              to build a quality vendor partnership.”

                    Matt Cahill – Seminole Golf Club
                    Matt   Cahill   –   Seminole   Golf   Club

             “ Amazing customer service, fast, on time, great selection of products, constantly bringing something new to
              the table and just a great team to work with. What more can you possibly want from one of your partners?!
              That is what you get with the Winston Collection Team.”

                    Sc ott Kirkw ood – Monter e y P eninsula Countr y Club
                    Scott Kirkwood – Monterey Peninsula Country Club

             “ I have been doing business with Drew and Andy for eight years now. As a customer, I can say there is no vendor
              in the industry that has your back more than Winston. They understand more than most how important it is
              to follow through. They set the bar in customer service to the golf professional, which directly reflects how
              I am able to provide great service to my members. This is a rare quality but is a must for any partnership to
              have long term success.”

                    Dr e w   J or dan   –   Hamilton   Farm   Golf   Club
                    Drew Jordan – Hamilton Farm Golf Club

             “ It would take quite a while to run through all the things I am grateful for from Winston's team. All the rushed
              favors aside, which are astronomical in amazingness, I am continually impressed by the speed of email replies,
              willingness to do whatever design we come up with, and their ability to keep up with the increased amount
              of business the quality of service and products has attracted. Having a small sense for how challenging their
              business can be based on how difficult it is for their competitors to keep up, I do my best not to take it for
              granted that there is continual and relentless human effort behind all of the orders we send their way. It is
              exhausting for me to picture doing their jobs for one day. All that to say, we at Miramont are very grateful and
              hope to continue the prosperous partnership for many years to come.”

                              Miramont Countr
                          ee -
                                              y Club
                     Rob Yee - Miramont Country Club
             “ Winston has been a lifesaver for us. This year, we needed a last minute tee gift for our Member-Member event
              (up until two weeks prior we didn’t know if we could host the event per state COVID regulations) and they
              came through in amazing fashion delivering 150 logoed headcovers the day before the event. They never had
                an issue with meeting our tight deadline and made us all look like heroes!”

                                       th Shor
                                              e Countr
                                 y – Nor
                                                      y Club
                    Shaun McElr
                    Shaun McElroy – North Shore Country Club
             “ The Winston Collection is our go to for quality Headcovers with the fastest turnaround time in the business!
              They are always on the cutting edge of trends with use of materials and creative embroidery. The detail in their
              embroidery work is second to none. The customization is top notch and they never shy away from trying new
              things creatively! As far as I’m concerned they are the #1 company in the game. You won’t be disappointed!”

                    J essic a Ca v olina – Maidstone
                    Jessica Cavolina – Maidstone

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