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Testimonials From Our Partners

            “ Drew,  Andy,  and the team at Winston Collection are a large part of our success and growth at the Kingsley
             Club over the years. Their golf accessories have a consistent presence in our golf shop because of their
             ability to sell through and generate special order business. I believe this is made possible because of their
             attention to detail, creativity, and accountability. Most of all, they are good people who understand the golf
             professional and do a great job at creating and cultivating a personal and professional relationship.”




                          Jim Raymond – Kinglsey Club

            “ I have worked with the team at Winston Collection for 8 years and each year they continue to improve
             their customer service and unique product offerings. The quality of products they produce is unmatched
             and they are the first place I go for tournament orders.”

                                                       y Club
                          risten Fa
                                        t Collins Countr
                                  y – F
                                 Tristen Fay – Fort Collins Country Club

            “ The Winston Collection led by Andy and Andrew is one of the best in golf.  Winston Collection provides
             the golf professional with excellent customer service, top of the line product, and excellent turnaround
             times. Since 2013, Prairie Dunes has built a strong relationship that has led to tremendous success for
             both parties.  My first and only call for headcovers and leather accessories is to team Winston.”

                     Billy Bolin – Prairie Dunes Country Club
                         Bill y Bolin – Prairie Dunes Countr y Club

            “ As a relatively new Winston customer, it’s impossible to be more impressed with Winston from a product
             and customer service standpoint. Winston really is the perfect partner for us at Desert Mountain as we
             like to be creative with our logos, and offer our members a wide variety of custom options. We continue
             to grow our business with Winston every year, and already have what seems like an unlimited amount of
             future ideas and projects on the horizon that we are excited to introduce to our members and guests
             through our great partnership with Winston.”

                                          t Mountain Club
                                 y – Deser
                           y Berr
                           Bobby Berry – Desert Mountain Club

            “ Andy Renshaw and Winston have been a wonderful partner to Stonewall in my tenure. Their service is
             extremely timely and their new and fresh ideas are second to none. They are a leader in the industry.
             What I love most is when I call Winston, Andy picks up the phone. He lives and breathes his business.”

                                 en – Stone
                       Ryan Lagergren – Stonewall
                     Ryan L

            “ As General Manager at Council Fire I love the relationship we have with Winston Collection. Every time
             we call on them, they hit home runs with their service and products. Thank you Winston Collection for
             your continued efforts to make the Council Fire Club members look good on the golf course.”

                     Chris Debusk – Council Fir
                                              e Club
                       Chris Debusk – Council Fire Club

            “ Winston – thank you for a product that remains modern but classy, both in appearance and quality.  We
             love selling your headcovers to our members.  They also are nice additions around the shop and bring
             our displays to life!  Thank you for being a partner with GBN as well.”

                   Sara Dickson –  Wilderness Countr y Club
                   Sara Dickson – Wilderness Country Club

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